This course focuses on familiarizing students with the theoretical underpinnings of various psychodynamic approaches and on preparing them to gain a deeper understanding of the orienting principles that guide psychodynamic therapy. More specifically, students will come in touch with traditional/orthodox psychoanalysis and object relation school, as well as the contemporary psychodynamic approaches (i.e., self-psychology, interpersonal psychoanalysis, attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy and neuro-psychoanalysis). Furthermore, this course is specifically designed to prepare students to develop and apply psychodynamically informed interventions in individual psychotherapy. Emphasis is placed on understanding the various levels of patient conscious and unconscious communication, the processes of transference and countertransference, defence mechanisms and resistance, dream analysis, patients’ attachment styles and the process of corrective emotional experience. Finally, this module provides the ground for students to develop self-reflectivity and therefore to critically evaluate their psychodynamic interventions and skills.