Module Aim

To ensure that students have a sound understanding of the techniques of double entry accounting and can apply its principles in recording transactions, adjusting financial records and preparing non-complex financial statements.
On completion of this module, candidates will be:

  1. Proficient in the use of double entry accounting techniques and the maintenance of accounting records
  2. Able to identify and correct omissions and errors in accounting records and financial statements
  3. Able to specify the components of financial statements, and prepare and present non-complex accounts for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies

Specification grid

This grid shows the relative weightings of subjects within this module and should guide the relative study time spent on each. Over time the marks available in the assessment will equate to the weightings below, while slight variations may occur in individual assessments to enable suitably rigorous questions to be set.

Maintaining financial records                                                                30%
Adjustments to accounting records and financial statements               35%
Preparing financial statements                                                             35%